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29 July 2001

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Documents in French

(PDF)   (PS) Curriculum Vitae 21-May-01
(PDF)     Activity Report 21-May-01
(PDF) PhD thesis, vol. 1 (6.9MB)
(PDF) PhD thesis, vol. 2 (73.6MB)
(PDF) Poster 2000.2 (Liquid - liquid extraction, French) (1.6MB)

Documents in English

  (TXT) (PS) List of scientific publications 29-Jul-01
(PS) Talk 1999.4 ("Interfacial aspects in liquid-liquid ion extraction.") (20.0MB)  
(PDF) PhD thesis, vol. 1 (6.9MB)  
(PDF) PhD thesis, vol. 2 (73.6MB)  
(PDF) ChemOffice Ultra 4.5 Review  
(PDF) Poster 1999.1 ("Selective extraction of lanthanide cations ...") (7.5MB)  
(PDF) Poster 2000.1 ("Computer Modeling of liquid - liquid ion extraction.") (4.6MB)  

More to be added soon ...

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